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Charmaine CHINAPEN

My name is Charmaine Chinapen. I moved with my family to Belize at the age of 9, and spent my formative years exploring the beautiful Maya ruins and famed barrier reef.

Currently I am about to start my final semester at St John’s University in New York, after which I will earn a bachelor’s degree with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Philosophy of Physical Sciences, My ambition is to dedicate myself to becoming a neurosurgeon and work through “Doctors Without Borders”. I am also employed as a ‘General, organic & biological Chemistry Tutor.

Sporting interests are; rock climbing; swimming; track & field; hiking; cycling. In Belize I fell in love with performing arts and all its elements: From singing; song writing; to playing piano; dancing; acting; etc., this has allowed me to express my own creative voice; and inspired me to write short stories.

Stuffed clams, lobsters, and crab cakes are my favourite sea foods. I have tons of patience, because it takes a lot of that to read Physical Chemistry Qua


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