Ivonne Orsini Lopez - Miss Puerto Rico


Ivonne Orsini Lopez

Ivonne was born and grew up in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, a tropical island in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is the ideal place to enjoy good Latin music and food, rich in culture and history it is recognised as ‘The Island of Enchantment’. 

She is a university student with career ambitions to develop in the communications field and to break with the paradigms in this field, for example, in sports. She also hopes to become an actress. So far she has participated in a soap opera series called ‘Decisiones’.

A special day in her life was on her 18th birthday, she was involved with the track and field team and won medals for all her events, thanks to this she has had many offers and scholarships for college.

Interests are: Dance: salsa, meringue, bamba and bachata: acting, track & field, volleyball, basketball, badminton, swimming, painting, rhetoric, reading and all kinds of music. Favourite food is pizza and Puerto Rican food.


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