Laura Tanguy - Miss France


Laura Tanguy

Laura grew up in Couflan, a friendly village near the Sarthe River in Western France. Her proudest moment was when she received her baccalaureate, her ambition, after completing her reign as Miss France, is to continue her studies and become a Nurse.

Interests are: Tennis; jogging; reading; listening to anything except rap; eating sushi; and looking after Salto – her Pyrenean shepherd dog. Laura also took part in a school foundation project in the Congo, and has worked as an Ice Cream salesperson. Personal motto is “To always keep happy”.

If you were stranded on a desert island what one item could you not be without?
A satellite telephone to be able to communicate with my family.

Who do you admire most in the world?
My father, because of his courage when settling in France after leaving his home country.

In your mind, what is your greatest achievement?
The experience that I am living right now.

If you could travel back in time when and where would you travel?
I am not really interested in doing so, but maybe going back to the time when I was in Texas, for 2 years, might be my choice.

Tell us about your life?
I live a very happy life, with a loving family, and I enjoy it every day. Feel that it is better to have regrets than remorse.


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