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Stacy Keibler

The greatest bum in wrestling is coming to a big screen near you. Meet ex-WWE queen The Weapon of Mass Seduction

During our avid wrestling-watching career we’ve appreciated many of WWE’s nubile athletes – The Undertaker, The Rock, Andre the Giant, Jake The Snake Roberts, and who could forget bearded brute, Hacksaw Jim Duggan? All great names, but none quite as impacting as this little lady. We say little, Stacy Keibler, though tiny of waist and of bottom, has rather formibable 42-inch legs!

Nicknamed ‘The Weapon of Mass Seduction’, Ms Keibler’s ‘cartwheel evasion’, ‘spinning kick’ and, erm, ‘sexy knicker flash’ had us foaming at the mouth. Sadly retired, she’s now targeting Hollywood. With roles in Sports Movie and Samurai Girl already under her belt, 2009 will almost certainly be Stacy’s year.


Have you ever used wrestling moves on sleazy blokes?

Oh yeah! I hate it when I’m out at a bar and guys feel like they can touch me or grab my butt. I’ve bitch-slapped more than a few guys for doing that.

Rightly so. How often does it happen?

Not too often, but when it does, I just snap. I turn into this complete monster.

Do you think most blokes are intimidated by you?

No, I’m pretty approachable. If a dude rolls up and starts talking to me, I usually talk back.

How could a nice British man like us impress you?

First, leave the cheesy lines at home. Just being nice and going up to a girl and saying, ‘Hi’ or ‘I think you’re beautiful,’ and then walking away is really charming. Those are the guys that I’m like, ‘Wait! Come back! I wanna talk!’ The ones that are using lines or trying to touch me are the guys I run away from.

Are film producers turned on by your wrestling past?

It’s a double-edged sword. Some producers are like, ‘Awesome, she’s got this amazing fan base.’ Others are like, ‘Um, yeah, but she’s a wrestler!’ I feel like I’ve had to work twice as hard. But I knew it would be a challenge.

You used to flash your knickers a lot to the crowd. Ever been tempted to sell them on eBay?

My fans have been asking me to do it for years. I cleaned out my closets, and instead of just giving everything I have to The Salvation Army, I decided to sell them and give the money to charity. It’s actually going really well.

Knicker-flashing, pervert-slapping… How else would you describe your personality?
I’m a fun-spirited person and pretty goofy. I definitely don’t take myself too seriously. People probably wouldn’t think it, but I’m kind of a nerd.


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