Real Housewife of Atlanta Kim's Bikini Shots


Sassy Kim Zolciak, star of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" has launched a personal blog. Her first post? Photos of herself in a bikini on the beach. And those user comments -- not so nice!

In her first post, the aspiring country singer says, "Recently I vacationed with my two girls for the Christmas holidays in the Bahamas and found some photos that someone snapped of me while at the beach."

The reaction to the pics  was  mixed. Several anonymous commenters said, "You need to pay attention to just being a better mom. Quit smoking, and forget the idea of being a singer. Someone needs to be brutally honest with you ... your voice is awful. :o( Also, lose the wig. It's so tacky." And another said, "30? In dog years maybe hag" referring to Kim's age.





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Anonymous said...

god put some clothes on and pull that wig off you look like dolly parton gone ho.

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