Tween Bikini Wax: What?!


wax_girl_320First, we told you about the latest tween beauty trend: hair coloring. Then, we reported that tweens were spending millions on beauty products. Now, they're going in for bikini waxes at 8 years old.


Are moms just protecting their little girls or encouraging them to be supermodels? MSN reports.

Aesthetician Melanie Engle is used to waxing her clients, but when one mom came in and asked for her 8-year-old daughter to get a bikini wax,  Engle flipped. It wasn't as if the girl was developing early, it was simply "the mother's obsession with wanting the daughter to be perfect."  MSN reports that it is not at all uncommon for mothers around the U.S to take their tween (girls 10-12) to salons to get body hair removed: "12 years old is the new normal." Engle said. On one hand, we understand for certain moms to take their kids for waxing if they are being teased at school: "One 10-year-old had thick hair coming down her leg, and she had a bikini and leg wax because she couldn't go to camp like that without getting teased," says Nance Mitchell, owner of a Beverly Hills salon. Engle however, has a different story, explaining that moms are sometimes overcritical of their kids. She bears moms comments like "look at those blackheads, you need to have a facial."

Should girls be taught THIS early to focus on how they look, makeup and money--instead of what's really important? Should young girls be allowed to wax?


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